Derby Regulations and Timings


  1. Register a "Boat" or a "Veteran" is made at All "Boats" and "Veterans" must be registered to participate. There is NO REGISTRATION FEE however a pledge sheet is provided to help raise funds for our local Military Family Resource Centre. There is a prize for the entrant that raises the most funds.
  2. The "Veterans Salmon Derby" is limited to 50 "Boats" and 100 "Veterans" for 2016. Early registration is highly encouraged to ensure eligibility.
  3. A Veteran MUST: a. assist fighting their fish. b. Catch fish IAW Ontario Fishing Regulations as outlined in the Fishing Ontario recreational fishing regulations summary. c. be in possession of a valid fishing licence.
  4. The Veterans Salmon Derby takes place from the Bronte Launch Ramp, in Bronte Beach Park, off West River St. Final detail briefing and marrying up between Veterans and Boat Captains takes place at 6 am. Coffee and muffins provided.
  5. A "Mass Start" is held at 7 am at the Bronte Creek harbour mouth. All Derby entrants must fish from a boat, between the hours of 7 am and 12. Boats must be inside the harbour mouth (lighthouse) no later than NOON (12 pm) or be penalized ONE POUND per minute or part thereof FROM THEIR LARGEST FISH.
  6. Awards and BBQ will follow at Bronte Beach Park. All entries must be weighed-in at the weigh-in station, after mooring your boat, to be considered for prizes.
  7. "All boats" require adequate safety equipment as per Transport Canada Regulations and have appropriate insurance.
  8. Fishing presents hazards any time - weather, faulty equipment and poor seamanship, to name a few. As a condition of participating in "Veterans Salmon Derby", participants release "HAVET Fishing", judges, volunteers and officers, employees, directors, representatives or agents from all liability or responsibility to the participant or his/her heirs, executors personal representatives, and representatives for loss, damage or injury suffered during the course of or arising out of participating in this event, whether or not arising out of negligence of those hereby released.
  9. Trophies are awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place to both the Veteran and the Boat Captain for the heaviest Salmon and Trout. A "BOAT" is only eligible for 1 (One) of 1st, 2nd or 3rd placings in each catergory.
  10. "KING OF THE VETERANS" is awarded for heaviest total weight of 1 Salmon and 1 Trout awarded to Boat Captain. Decision of the judges is final.