Havet is a non profit, non partisan organization that fosters supportive relationships between business, the public and our Canadian Armed Forces Veterans in need, through the camaraderie and networking of family events while raising funds for Veterans Helping Veterans and Military Family Resource Centre(s).


The Annual Veterans Salmon Derby is dedicated to the emotional and physical healing of serving and retired Canadian Military personnel and family members through a fun fishing event on Lake Ontario and related activities.

Healing from the challenges of serving in stressful operational environments and long family separations takes many forms. We elevate the level of awareness of the contributions of our veterans both present and past for their contributions to Canada, have a fun event, and raise funds for the Veterans Helping Veterans and Toronto Military Family Resource Centre (TMFRC) which provides supportive programs for our Veterans and their families in need.

The Veterans Salmon Derby and the Veterans Gala began in 2011. In 2013 we decided to focus on Veterans Salmon Derby as it provided the best direct support to Military Veterans and their families. This year the 10th Annual Veterans Salmon Derby will take place in Oakville (Bronte) from July 16 to Aug 22, 2020.